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Different Apps, Different IPs

The Best VPN for TV, Movies, Sports and Social Media with Exclusive App Mode-Enjoying content from multiple regions simultaneously!

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Supports Global Popular Streaming and More

Hundreds of popular TV shows,live sports,social media-with regular content updates!

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Exclusive App Mode: Different Apps, Different IPs!

SafeShell's patented technology connects multiple apps to different locations simultaneously. Set Once, Stay All the Time.

Exclusive App Mode: Different Apps, Different IPs!

Worldwide Coverage with Outstanding Performance Servers

Hundreds of Servers Globally Cover Popular Regions, Lightning-Fast Connections with Exceptional Performance!

Worldwide Coverage with Outstanding Performance Servers

Own Developed ShellGuard Protocol for Safer Browsing

Experience top-tier encryption, safeguard your IP address, and ensure online privacy with our proprietary VPN protocol. Enjoy faster speeds and enhanced security!

Own Developed ShellGuard Protocol for Safer Browsing

Global High-Speed Servers

USA U.K. Canada Australia Japan Korea India Brazil

Over 10,000+ server nodes!

User Reviews


I've had the opportunity to use theupdated app on tvOS, and all I can sayis, WOW! I have to say thank you for establishing aworking DAZN Canada server. Anabsolute lifesaver for me, personally. Theconnection loaded the DAZN app rightup and the content streaming wasflawless. Thank you again!


Your App Mode is fantastic! I can now see all the possibilities that App Mode and app-specific tunneling bring. Not needing to switch back and forth between different countries' servers for region-specific content definitely makes everything more convenient and streamlined.


I've been keeping an eye on VPN speeds, and I must say you guys are doing an amazing job! Firstly, thank you for unlocking TOD. Your server in Dubai is incredibly fast, with a download speed of 713! No other VPN comes close to your impressive speeds. Keep up the great work!


I've noticed the improvements in your user interface, making the app look cleaner and more polished. It's streamlined, easy to navigate, and very intuitive to use—no complications or confusion, unlike my experiences with other recent tvOS VPN offerings. This is fantastic!


I have to say, the performance of the SafeShell application is outstanding! It's the most stable experience I've had using this app to date. All the apps I love are supported, and there haven't been any crashes or buffering issues. The overall streaming quality is close to perfect. So, a big thanks to your engineers!


I appreciate your responsiveness to my suggestions and the quick addition of more apps like Channel 4 and My5. So far, I've been using your VPN every day for streaming without encountering any buffering issues. This is excellent! Keep up the good work—it's truly awesome!

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