What should I do if the server is not working?

VPN connection issues can arise from a variety of factors, encompassing both local and server-related elements. To troubleshoot and resolve the problem:


  1. Local Network Check:


  • Ensure your local network is stable and functioning correctly.
  • Verify that your device has a stable internet connection with sufficient bandwidth.


  1. Server Load and Availability:


  • Check the current load on the selected VPN server. High demand might lead to connection failures.
  • Explore alternative server locations within the SafeShell app to mitigate server-specific issues.


  1. Firewall and Security Software:


  • Confirm that your firewall or security software isn't blocking the VPN connection.
  • Temporarily disable firewall or security software to test if it's causing the issue.


  1. VPN App Updates:


  • Ensure your SafeShell app is up to date with the latest version, as updates may include bug fixes and improved connectivity.


  1. Submit Feedback or Seek Assistance:


  • Use the in-app feedback feature to report the issue directly to SafeShell's support team.
  • Contact us on our Telegram account [@safeshellvpn] with detailed information about the problem for personalized assistance.
Remember that VPN connectivity is influenced by dynamic network conditions, and periodic troubleshooting may be required. Our support team is dedicated to resolving issues promptly and providing technical assistance to ensure a seamless VPN experience. Feel free to download by clicking the button below and start your free trial now!
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