What is SafeShell's Free Trial?

A Free Trial is a special offer we provide to new users. If you have never subscribed to SafeShell VPN before, congratulations! You can enjoy our Free Trial gift!
  1. Benefits of the Free Trial


  • Access to Features: During the Free Trial, you have unrestricted access to all SafeShell features.
  • No Charges: There are no charges or obligations during the Free Trial period.


  1. Post-Trial Subscription


  • Subscription Commencement: After the Free Trial ends, the subscription plan you selected will begin.
  • Automatic Renewal: This plan will be automatically renewed according to the terms of the subscription.


  1. Cancellation Policy


  • Cancellation Window: You can cancel your subscription without any charges if you do so at least 24 hours before the end of the Free Trial period.
Feel free to download by clicking the button below and start your free trial now! For more questions related to the free trial, you could get timely assistance through in-app feedback or by adding SafeShell's official Telegram [@safeshellvpn]!
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