How can I use SafeShell on multiple devices simultaneously?

SafeShell supports simultaneous use on up to 5 devices, with two scenarios:
  1. If you're already subscribed to SafeShell:

Simply log in on another device using your subscribed Apple or Google account. After a successful login, your subscription information and membership status will sync to the new device, allowing you to seamlessly use SafeShell across different platforms!
  1. If you haven't subscribed to SafeShell yet:

Choose any device to download and install SafeShell, and claim your exclusive gift for new users - a free trial. Once you successfully start the free trial, you'll gain access to the membership status. Similarly, if you wish to use SafeShell on multiple devices, just log in with your subscribed Apple or Google account to synchronize your subscription information.
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We are working hard to support more devices! Please stay tuned. You can download and experience SafeShell on supported devices.