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"Classroom of the Elite" is a compelling anime series that has garnered a significant following for its intriguing plot and complex characters. Set in a dystopian future, the series revolves around the students of Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing School, where students are not only tested on academics but also on their social skills and willingness to manipulate one another. This guide will provide an overview of the anime, detail its release schedule, and discuss where you can stream "Classroom of the Elite" including how to bypass regional restrictions using SafeShell VPN.

Release Schedule of Classroom of the Elite


"Classroom of the Elite" first aired in July 2017, quickly capturing the attention of anime enthusiasts. The first season spans 12 episodes. Following its success, the series announced subsequent seasons:
  • Season 2 aired in July 2022, continuing the intense competitions and psychological warfare among the students.


  • Season 3 aired in January 2024, promising more twists and turns in the gripping academic saga.

Where to Stream Classroom of the Elite

"Classroom of the Elite" is available on several prominent streaming platforms that host a variety of anime genres:
  • Crunchyroll: Offers all seasons of "Classroom of the Elite," available for streaming worldwide except for Asia. It provides the series in its original Japanese audio with English subtitles.


  • Funimation: Known for its vast anime library, Funimation streams "Classroom of the Elite" in many regions, including North America. It also offers English dubbed versions.


  • Hulu: Streams the series in the United States, providing easy access to viewers who prefer this platform.

While "Classroom of the Elite" is accessible in many countries, some viewers might still face geo-restrictions based on their location due to licensing limitations.

Overcoming Regional Restrictions with SafeShell VPN


Viewers located in regions where "Classroom of the Elite" is unavailable can use SafeShell VPN to access the anime.
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Whether you're a new fan or looking to rewatch the series, "Classroom of the Elite" offers a unique blend of psychological drama and strategic thrill. By following this guide, fans can easily find where to watch the series and utilize SafeShell VPN to overcome any regional viewing barriers. Get ready to explore the cutthroat world of Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing School with "Classroom of the Elite" available at your fingertips.
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