Google One VPN will be discontinued in 2024



In a surprising move, Google has announced the discontinuation of its Google One VPN service by 2024, a development that has sent ripples through the tech community. Launched as part of Google's premium subscription service, Google One VPN aimed to provide users with enhanced security and privacy features. This article delves into the reasons behind this decision, the potential impacts on users and data privacy, and explores viable alternatives for those affected by the service's cessation.

What is Google One VPN


Google One VPN was introduced as an added benefit for Google One subscribers, offering an extra layer of security and privacy for online activities. It was particularly touted for its ability to shield internet traffic from prying eyes on public Wi-Fi networks, making it a favored option for users concerned about their digital footprint. One significant limitation of Google One VPN is the inability to select a different virtual location, preventing access to region-locked content such as US-exclusive Netflix shows from outside the US, like in Australia.

Reasons for Discontinuation of Google One VPN


Google has decided to discontinue the VPN feature due to low usage. The company informed 9to5Google that this move will allow the team to focus on and support more popular features within Google One. Besides, several factors could have contributed to this decision:
  • Market Competition: The VPN market is highly competitive, with numerous providers offering advanced features. Google's decision might reflect a strategic shift to focus on core services and products.
  • Resource Allocation: Maintaining a VPN service requires significant resources and expertise. Google might be reallocating these resources to other areas where it sees more potential for growth or innovation.
  • Regulatory Challenges: VPN services often face complex regulatory challenges across different jurisdictions. Google may have opted to avoid these complexities by discontinuing the service.

Impact of the Discontinuation of Google One VPN


The discontinuation of Google One VPN raises concerns about user privacy and data security, especially for those who relied on the service for protection in sensitive online activities. The immediate impact includes:
  • Loss of a Trusted Privacy Tool: Users may feel the loss of a privacy tool backed by a tech giant known for its robust infrastructure and reliability.
  • Search for Alternatives: With the service ending, users must look for other VPN solutions that match Google One VPN’s ease of use and integration with Google services.

Alternatives for Google One VPN


For those seeking alternatives to Google One VPN, various options are available in the market. Among these, SafeShell VPN emerges as a strong contender, offering comparable features.
A safe and stable VPN tool is essential. SafeShell VPN is the VPN significantly enhancing your viewing experience. Our service, with its global network of high-speed streaming servers, breaks geographical restrictions and has no bandwidth limits, allowing you to enjoy fast and high-definition streaming content. Our unique "ShellGuard" VPN protocol employs top-tier encryption technology, ensuring that while you enjoy lightning-fast internet speeds, your security is uncompromised.
SafeShell's innovative App Mode feature allows multiple applications to connect to different server locations simultaneously, providing a truly seamless online experience without the need to frequently switch servers. This convenience of setting once and applying forever is part of our commitment to offering you an exceptional VPN experience.

SafeShell VPN Features:


  • Connect Up to 5 Devices: Now supports macOS, iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Apple Vision Pro.


  • Exclusive App Mode: Enjoy content from multiple regions at the same time.


  • Lightning-Fast Speeds: No bandwidth or speed limits, experience unprecedented internet speed.


  • Top-Level Security: Proprietary "ShellGuard" VPN protocol to protect your private browsing.


  • Customer Support: Online customer service responds quickly, providing you with timely support.



Easy steps to use SafeShell VPN:





The discontinuation of Google One VPN by 2024 marks the end of an era for Google’s foray into VPN services but also opens up opportunities for users to explore other options. In the search for alternatives, SafeShell VPN stands out as a viable solution that promises to uphold the standards of privacy and security that users have come to expect. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, finding a reliable VPN service becomes important.
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